Custom Rack Mount


Wenzel Associates’ instruments combine industry leading ultra-low phase noise performance with standard 19” rack mount configurations (1U, 2U, 3U & 5U). A variety of standard rack source solutions are available with pre-configured output frequencies, but custom solutions are also available in assemblies up to 8U (14”) in height. Delivers superior performance at a lower cost than a variable low noise frequency synthesizer with the flexibility of providing only the fixed frequencies needed for requirement.  Frequencies up to 18 GHz are available with low, ultra-low or Golden performance options. Multiple frequencies and multiple outputs are provided as needed as well as phase locking with an external reference. Each instrument includes a low noise power supply and/or low noise voltage regulators to help minimize power supply line related spurs and provide clean power to drive the internal oscillators and modules. Either an AC or DC supply voltage can be specified. Please Contact Us directly to discuss your specific requirement or provide the details through our Quote Request page. You can also complete the Custom Instrument RFQ Form to provide details about your requirement.


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