ONYX IV series oscillators are small, lightweight (<30 grams), ruggeduzed OCXOs featuring low phase noise, good temperature stability and low g-sensitivity (to <2E-10/g per axis). ONYX IV modules are raditaiton tested and characteruzed, making them ideal for Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) Satellite system design. ONYX IV modules continue to provide excellent phase noise performance during vibration as well, making these oscillators ideal for commercial and military applications as well. 

Products Shipped Within 5 Days from Your Order

We have already designed, built, and tested a number of our staple oscillators and distribution amplifiers. This allows us to ship our products directly from our warehouse to you, with only the touch of a button. We guarantee shipment from our Austin, TX warehouse within 5 days (maximum) for all orders. In addition to our fast shipping times, we also provide FREE shipping on all domestic orders (regardless of quantities or ship-to location). 

Ultra Low Noise Ruggedized Citrine

With a broad range of fixed frequencies, ultra-low phase noise, low-G sensitivity, and excellent temperature stability, Wenzel’s Golden Citrine technology is ideal for many different RADAR and electronic warfare applications.  Ruggedized for dynamic environments, Citrine Oscillators can be used in many different extreme environments, including airborne, ground and shipborne where rotating machinery and environmental effects can impact phase noise performance.  Wenzel also offers customization which allows our customers to choose Phase Locking options, as well as Vibration Isolating.


Wenzel designs and builds HI-REL oscillators and systems for Space. Based on MIL-PRF-55310, which defines the requirements for crystal controlled oscillators, Wenzel has shipped space-flight hardware for the Lunar and Mars missions, to visit near-earth asteroids and for tactical military missions.

Croven Crystals

Croven Crystals, a Business Unit alongside Wenzel Associates, provides precision quartz crystal resonators for the most demanding applications in space, aviation, military, telecommunications and instrumentation markets. For over 65 years Croven Crystals has been recognized as a world leader in the development and advancement of premium quality bulk acoustic wave resonator technology.