Crystal Oscillators

Wenzel Associates’ line of precision crystal oscillators are frequently used in the communications, military and test equipment markets. Precision oscillators are used by the aerospace industry for guidance, tracking and telemetry systems, by the communications industry for satellite, cellular, PCN, base station and VSAT systems, by the navigation industry for MLS, radar, GPS and other guidance systems. Crystal oscillators are used widely in the commercial markets as well as instruments such as frequency counters, frequency standards, synthesizers, phase noise test sets and various other instruments.

Frequency Sources

Wenzel Associates offers a wide variety of low noise frequency sources configured as sub-assemblies or rack mounted instruments with one output frequency or multiple output frequencies to 16 GHz. Each source includes one or more industry leading Ultra Low Noise Ovenized Crystal oscillator, Blue Tops RF Modules and other hardware necessary to provide a high performance frequency source with unparalleled phase noise performance. Custom features, custom modules and custom systems are available with short development time and low cost.

Integrated Assemblies

Wenzel Associates has been an industry leading manufacturer of ultra-low noise crystal oscillators, RF modules, sub-assemblies and custom instruments, for over 35 years. Wenzel’s Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs) are designed with the same innovative circuits and functionality to provide high performance components or subsystems in small lightweight packages. These oscillator-based and frequency conversion IMAs are designed for the Military, Aerospace and Commercial markets for use in radar systems, communications and electronic warfare applications. Several standard IMA products are available including the MXO Series frequency source products with outputs to 12 GHz as well as the IFM Series products, offering multiplication of low noise signals with outputs to 16 GHz. Please contact Wenzel to design and develop a custom IMA solution to meet your complex microwave system application needs.


Wenzel designs and builds HI-REL oscillators and systems for Space. Based on MIL-PRF-55310, which defines the requirements for crystal controlled oscillators, Wenzel has shipped space-flight hardware for the Lunar and Mars missions, to visit near-earth asteroids and for tactical military missions.

Croven Crystals

Croven Crystals, a Business Unit alongside Wenzel Associates, provides precision quartz crystal resonators for the most demanding applications in space, aviation, military, telecommunications and instrumentation markets. For over 65 years Croven Crystals has been recognized as a world leader in the development and advancement of premium quality bulk acoustic wave resonator technology.