Featured Product: Golden Citrine OCXO

With a broad range of fixed frequencies, ultra-low phase noise, low-G sensitivity, and excellent temperature stability, Wenzel’s Golden Citrine technology is ideal for many different RADAR and electronic warfare applications.

Ruggedized for dynamic environments, Citrine Oscillators are able to be used in many different extreme environments, including airborne, ground and shipborne.

Wenzel also offers customization which allows our customers to choose Phase Locking options, as well as Vibration Isolating versions of this module.

Find Wenzel and more information on the Citrine OCXO in January’s issue of Microwave Journal here.

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Real World AESA RADAR Applications

Find the VHF Golden Citrine highlighted in our latest Case Study showing some of Wenzel’s latest work in the field of AESA RADAR technology.