Spec Sheet Request

If you know the Wenzel part number and it is a standard part, it should be available on our website through the search function at the top of the page or on the specific product type page, if known. Special part numbers are created for many customers and those spec sheets will not be available on the website (i.e. 500-xxxxx or 600-xxxxx). This policy was established to protect our customer’s intellectual property.

Part Number Configuration

Product Type

  501-xxxxx   Standard Frequency Source Part Numbers
  500-xxxxx   Proprietary Frequency Source Part Numbers*
  601-xxxxx or RF Modules (LNBA, LNOM, etc.)   Standard RF Module Part Numbers
  600-xxxxx   Proprietary RF Module Part Numbers*

* Spec sheets and other information about these parts can only be provided to a representative of the original purchasing company, unless written permission (email, letter, etc.) is provided from a representative of the purchasing company authorizing a third party company to obtain specification and/or pricing information. This written permission can be sent to wenzel@wenzel.com.

Please use the form below to request product specification sheets or other product information. For a more immediate response, please call us at 512-835-2038.