BP1000 Test Set Info

Blue Phase 1000

Phase Noise Test System


Wenzel Associates’ BLUE PHASE 1000 series phase noise test set integrates BLUE TOPS modules and other ultra low noise components into a manually operated or computer controlled phase noise measurement system, and is designed primarily for use as an engineering tool. The BLUE PHASE 1000 test set is modularly constructed, allowing complete flexibility for use in multiple configurations and achieving extremely low noise floors. There are three configurations available: Single Channel, Cross-Correlation and Residual. Each test set consists of a two chassis configuration. The BPMS is the Measurement System, which is housed in a 5¼” high rack mountable chassis. Each unit is powered by the BPPS Low Noise Power Supply, which is housed in a separate 5¼” high half-rack chassis (full-rack available). The BPMS-1000-SC and BPMS-1000-CC phase noise measurement systems are configured to facilitate accurate single sideband (SSB) absolute phase noise measurements of RF and microwave sources utilizing a two-source approach. The BPMS-1000-RM phase noise measurement system is configured to facilitate the accurate residual (additive) phase noise measurements of active or passive two-port devices such as amplifiers, multipliers, dividers, splitters, cables and filters as well as mixers.

BP-1000-SC: Single Channel Phase Noise Test Set
BP-1000-CC: Cross Correlation Phase Noise
BP-1000-RM: Residual Phase Noise Test Set
BP-1000 Operations Manual for BP-1000-SC, BP-1000-CC and BP-1000-RM